Little Pandits


By Late Sakshi Maggo (Founding Member)

Back then who would have known that a country like India where the classroom study was considered incomplete without a blackboard, a chalk and a physical interaction with ‘masterji’ would undergo a complete transformation in the new era. Yes you read that right a ‘masterji’ who with time changed to ‘sir’ or ‘madam’. One who was always responsible for teaching, guiding and sometimes scolding or even running around with the stick behind the notorious child. Good old days. Weren’t they?

Well, as it is said “change is the law of nature” and the one who embraces it and imbibes that change gracefully climbs the stairs of success. Our education system and ways of teaching have also adapted to this changing scenario and have come up with different prospects of teaching at different point of time.

One such change is the shift from physical classroom to a virtual classroom or online classes in lay man terms. The scenario of online classes started as a means for teaching additional skills or vocational training but the outbreak of pandemic has completely changed the scenario of teaching as well as learning. At this point of time, when people are likely to stay at home, online classes has proved to be a boon for many. Also, the NEP (New Education Policy) has not only brought amendments to the ways of teaching and learning but has also invariably raised the bar of online learning in future.

When we talk of online classes, how can we forget about the various benefits that these classes provide. One of its major benefits is that it provides the learner with the flexibility to study and attend the class from any corner of the world. Most people prefer this mode of learning as it provides them with the power to delegate their time towards different projects according to their will. Flexibility of online classes breaks the shackles of physically reaching out to an expert as it provides the learner with the expert advice or training simply sitting on the sofa set or his bedroom.

Going for offline classes have we ever wondered how much it adds on to our expenses? None of us have ever thought about the cost of commutation, cost of transport, fuel, parking, car maintenance and public transportation. Online classes does not include such assorted costs an therefore are less expensive.

The trend of online classes not only trains the student but also builds up their confidence as they get a chance to interact with people across nations. This in turn grooms their personality and makes them culturally sensitive. Given the amount of exposure and networking, the student can easily fit into other environments.

As far as traditional classrooms are concerned, one major question that always looms around the minds of the parents is personal attention to their ward. Needless to say, in a class of 40-45 children it is quite impossible to have a personalized discussion whereas no such problem is encountered when the discussions are online guided. In fact, there are chances of better performance of students due to time given to them and when it comes to attaining expert advice or acquiring a specialized degree or course that might not be easily accessible in local institutions, online education acts as a savior.

The future of online classes seems very promising when it comes to learning new vocational skills. As providing offline classes or having the accessibility to the coaches is difficult, online training sessions comes as a huge opportunity for everyone learning from the experts and experimenting their way out.

I would like to mark its end by saying that the system of online classes has grown readily over the years and is now accepted and given equal importance as mainstream offline classes. The development of the various models of online learning are usually springing up bringing varied opportunities in the life of the learners that helps them control their learning environment exposing them to deeper roots of learning that fits them. Indeed, in a very less span of time online classes will be at its top notch.

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