Little Pandits

Class 9-10

Why Little Pandits?

Digital education is the new normal, and is the best way to connect students and teachers from every nook and corner. Online tuitions through a personal tutor from some corner of the world broadens the child’s outlook while enhancing cultural manifestations.
So, Little Pandits is here for you setting up a higher level to digitalization of traditional system of master ji style of teaching and making your child learn through experience with are ‘Karke Seekho’ concepts and have fun with our ‘Kahaani 2 Knowledge’ programme.

Pricing and Course Fee Details


At LilPandits, children learn, understand, analyze, apply, and create. Our hands-on approach to learning, in which children learn through basic DIY experiments to understand concepts better. This is a proven method to higher retention abilities on a subject.


Stories stay longer with people than facts or statistics. LilPandits adhere to the concept of educating through stories thus helping children accomplish through imagination & innovation. Our stories bring information, knowledge & truth to life.
● To enhance their vocabulary.
● To make them active listeners.
● To improve their concentration.
● To spark imagination in them.
● To build a reading habit.


Our lesson plans are highly customized and are tailormade for every child thus helping him to understand lessons at his own pace. Our customized learning plans help to keep students engaged by allowing children to learn at their own pace. Students who need more time will not feel frustrated, and students who learn quicker can be continually challenged with new materials to keep them excited and stimulated. This gives them the best chance of success.


Peer tutoring sessions will be held at random occasions to build child’s confidence and make them ready for the outer world’s scenario. It will immensely help your child to work on academic, social, behavioral, functional, or even social skills. Webinars, participation and presentation, and discussion to help your child become a better orator and a patient listener too.
● higher rates of student response and feedback, which results in better academic achievement.
● creates more opportunities for students to practice specific skills, which leads to better retention.
● student tutor gains a deeper understanding of a topic by teaching it to another student.

One to One Class (1:1)

We have exclusive platform that offers you 1:1 ration of teachers and student in each class.

Flexible Timings

We have flexible time slots for everyday class for your child. You can choose according to you.

24x7 Support

We have a dedicated support team will guide your child in his/her career.

About Little Pandits

We provide one-to-one student teacher ratio, to be able to mark individual difference and prepare a customized lesson plan your child and teach them according to their needs. Recorded video lessons will be provided according to the grade of your child and guidance to the foundation of those topics will also be served.