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Class 3-5

Litle Pandits

Why Little Pandits?

Digital education is the new normal, and is the best way to connect students and teachers from every nook and corner. Online tuitions through a personal tutor from some corner of the world broadens the child’s outlook while enhancing cultural manifestations.
So, Little Pandits is here for you setting up a higher level to digitalization of traditional system of master ji style of teaching and making your child learn through experience with are ‘Karke Seekho’ concepts and have fun with our ‘Kahaani 2 Knowledge’ programme.

Pricing and Course Fee Plans


Rote learning method of teaching is a bygone concept.We agree that nothing can replace the humble“board and chalk”but truly, is that enough for the curious budding minds of today? Not!

At Lil’Pandits we just don’t teach your child, we make sure they learn, understand, analyze, apply and create. Lil’Panditshas come with the style of learning by doing, by which we make your child perform simple DIY experiments by which they can understand their concepts well and apply the knowledge.
little pandits


Stories are the best friend of humans, yes some say that it’s for younger ones but wait as we grow up our stories change their form but are still a part of our high. And analyzing this common trait of humans, we at Little Pandit have come up with the idea of teaching through stories whatever we cannot do we imagine it and our imaginations become our stories, and one day who knows maybe our innovation.


Every child is unique in its way no one is much smarter than the other, they are just different. Maybe one of the toppers of his class and another a good writer. You cannot judge a fish by his skill of climbing a tree! Our classes are customized to every child’s speed and temper. We establish an enabling environment where every child is pampered with personal attention and affection while learning at the comfort of home! Each class at lilpandits is Child-centered!
Little Pandits


Peer tutoring sessions will be held at random occasions to build child’s confidence and make them ready for the outer world’s scenario. Webinars, participation, presentation, and discussions are help in surprise intervals to help your child become a better orator, a patient listener and a friendly explorer!

One to One Class (1:1)

We have exclusive platform that offers you 1:1 ration of teachers and student in each class.

Flexible Timings

We have flexible time slots for everyday class for your child. You can choose according to you.

24x7 Support

We have a dedicated support team will guide your child in his/her career.

About Little Pandits

We provide one-to-one student teacher ratio, to be able to mark individual difference and prepare a customized lesson plan your child and teach them according to their needs. Recorded video lessons will be provided according to the grade of your child and guidance to the foundation of those topics will also be served.